Benedictine Monks

Assumption Abbey

In these pages will be found homilies for Year C.  These homilies were given at Assumption Abbey, Richardton, ND by Abbot Brian Wangler, OSB.  Not all Sundays are represented.  Current homilies can be be found at our web site:

Assumption Abbey is located in southwestern North Dakota, which is part of the great plains.  On these prairies monks have served God and the Church for over one hundred years.

The liturgy is a central part of monastic life.  A man joining Assumption Abbey will be introduced to the great monastic tradition in the Catholic Church. This tradition seeks to form the person into one who is completely himself, is holy and belongs totally to Christ.

It is important to know that a monastery does not exist for itself.  It exists for the sake of the Church, for the world and for the up-building of culture.

Thus Assumption Abbey accepts visitors to experience our life and be renewed by it.  Inquires can be made by visiting our web site.

Please consider becoming a Benedictine priest or brother.  You can contact us at, or writing to Assumption Abbey, PO Box A, Richardton, ND 58652 or calling us at 701-974-3315.  May God bless you.  You are in our prayers.