Benedictine Monks

Assumption Abbey

In these pages will be found homilies for Sundays of Year B. Not all Sundays will be represented.  These homilies were given at Assumption Abbey, Richardton, ND.  Assumption Abbey is a Benedictine monastery located in southwestern North Dakota.  Founded in 1893 by Vincent Wherle, a monk from Einsiedeln, Switzerland, Assumption Abbey has served the people on the great plains for over 100 years.  Monastic spirituality as inspired monks of this area as they served people as pastors, teachers, chaplains, farmers and ranchers.  The Abbey monks also have an apiary, sell altar and table wines, operate a gift shop, and many other things as well.  At present thirteen monks serve outside the Abbey in pastoral work as pastors of parishes, as chaplains of hospitals, colleges and universities, and as professors in universities.  Current homilies can be found at our web site:

When a man joins a monastery he begins to become acquainted with the monastic tradition in the Catholic Church.  This tradition leads the person to seek God, to open his heart and mind to the person of Jesus Christ and to the teachings of Christ.

Meeting Jesus in a daily, ongoing and personal way, but within the context of community and the Church, gradually leads the person to a transformation.  A change sets in as monastic values and the monastic way of life begin to take root.

Consider becoming a Benedictine priest or brother.  Contact our Vocation Director at or write us at Assumption Abbey, PO Box A, Richardton, ND, 58652 or call us at 701.974.3315.  God bless you.