Benedictine Monks

Assumption Abbey

Monastic Talks

In these pages you will find talks given to the monks of Assumption Abbey, Richardton, ND.  The talks herein will be of interest to one who is a more earnest seeker of things relative to contemporary Benedictine monastic life.

Monastic life has been a mainstay in the Catholic Church since the mid-500’s AD.  Monks seek God.  The beginner learns about the monastic way of life.  But it takes time to incorporate it fully into one’s life. Monastic life seeks to transform the person into a Christ-like life.  The Rule of St. Benedict is based on the Gospel.  Monastic life enters a person into the self-emptying of Christ so that one might rise with Christ to a life that is truly holy, humble and directed to love of neighbor.

Many of the talks contain more than one presentation.  So these pages are not for the reader who only wants to read headlines.  It is the hope that the reader will find on this web-site some things, not only of interest, but also something that will help him/her to grow in their spiritual life.

While the life of a monk is different from the average person, there are a great many things shared common.  Monastic spirituality is from the spirituality of the Church.  Things like community, prayer is common and private prayer, silence, obedience, chastity are all found within the Church.  Monks live them within the monastic framework and give them a certain flavor.  But all in the Church will find monastic topics relevant to their lives.

May God’s blessings be upon you.

Assumption Abbey is a community of 44 Benedictine monks located on the high plains of southwest North Dakota.

Assumption Abbey, along with the discipline of Monastic Life,  has a tradition of doing pastoral and teaching work.  Wherever the monks live and work, the monastic values are always operative. In each situation, the monk is always centered on Christ and is always faithful.  We invite you to consider becoming a Benedictine priest or brother.  Contact by one of these means:, or write us at Assumption Abbey, PO Box A, Richardton, ND 58652, or call us at 701-974-3315.