Benedictine Monks

Assumption Abbey

Catholic Benedictine Monasticism has been with Christianity for many centuries.  St. Benedict wrote his Rule for Monks during the first half of the sixth century. He died in 548 CE.  Benedictine monasticism has existed in the western church since St. Benedict’s time.  There have been many different economic and social systems, many governmental arrangements in which monks served the Lord.

Monks seek God.  Monks seek to accept the Gospel and hope to be transformed by it into a Christ-like life.  The purpose of this site is to provide information to the seeker of things monastic. Herein will be found talks and homilies given to monks and links to other sites.  A word about the homilies. The homilies are not directed exclusively to monks, since at the monastic Eucharist at Assumption Abbey there is a good representation of lay people.  A current homily can be found at the Abbey web site:

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